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Body Scrubs of all kinds



Body Scrubs are one of the easiest things to make and that’s great because everyone enjoys them!! They make great presents for almost any occasion! Customize it!!

Customize the ‘scrub’ part –> with Salt or Sugar or a mix of both!

Customize the oils used use one or mix several  –>

  • Lavender – relaxing and great for skin
  • Frankincense – luxurious, grounding, relaxing & great for skin
  • Geranium – flowery and pretty smelling (strong, start with 1 drop)
  • Gentle Baby – comforting, soothing, calming for babies and mom, helps to enhance the youthful appearance, help with skin elasticity
  • Stress Away – use before bed to promote a restful nights sleep, melt the day away, feel like you’re on a tropical vacation (even if it only 10 mins! 😉 )
  • Valor/ Valor II – may help build courage, confidence, and self-esteem, helps calm active kids, promotes feelings of calmness, peace and relaxation in anyone (Valor I is one of my favorite oils of all time! It’s out of stock right now.)
  • Pan Away – occasional sore muscle, achy body parts or after working out
  • Peppermint – invigorating, great for over used muscles and
  • R.C. – nice nasal opening smell, supports a healthy respiratory system

I like to mix about 1.5 – 2  cups at the time because that’s what fits in a mason jar easily.

I add the Salt/Sugar mix and add enough liquid oil (almond oil, liquid coconut oil, avocado oil etc) to make the consistency I want. You’ll want it thick but stir-able, stir-able but not so runny you can’t scoop it out with your hand either, though. That’s why there are no exact amounts- it depends on what’s used how much liquid oil is needed. Here’s a general guideline of a basic sugar scrub:

Basic Sugar Scrub 

1/2 cup organic granulated white sugar

1/2 cup liquid coconut oil 

10 drops of essential oil of your choice

Ladies this makes an awesome pre-shave scrub! You’ll get the closest shave you have in years!

I only use Young Living essential oils for me and my family because of their seed to seal guarantee.

If you need your own oils you can get them here.

Let me know what different scrubs you make in the comments!



2 thoughts on “Body Scrubs of all kinds

  1. I didn’t know body scrubs could be so easily made. Could I use olive oil instead of coconut oil in the scrub? Would it make a difference in terms of moisturising?

    1. Hi Agy! Yes, so easy and they make great gifts too! You could use olive oil and it would be just as moisturizing, olive oil just has a stronger smell normally than say almond oil or coconut oil but works just as well! Let me know how you like it and what recipe you end up trying! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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